Hi My Name Is Waqar And I’m currently doing d.com (diploma in commerce). I have done 2nd year with 561 out of 650 marks

and I have taken a few SOA actuarial exams certificates, including:

Pass SOA VEE Economics
Pass SOA VEE Mathematical Statistics
Pass SOA VEE Business Finance
Get Grade 9 on SOA Exam P
Get Grade 9 on SOA Exam FM
Get Grade 8 on SOA Exam IFM
Get Grade 8 on SOA Exam LTAM
I was a host or speaker for a few financial events for my clubs at my university and an assistant tutor for a few students during my secondary school stage. Currently, I own 5 monetized blogs, and I share my experience on a daily helps people find reliable and helpful information about health and fitness on the internet.